Curriculum vitae

Download a PDF version of my resume here (July 2018).

My work experience revolves around the concepts of ownership and access. In my daily work I emphasise that access is more important than ownership. This perspective drives me to innovate sectors that are restricted by intellectual property rights to create societal value. I am qualified in all matters of Intellectual Property, including trademarks, patents, copyright and related rights.

Current activities

I spend half of my time at my own company IP Squared and half of my time as a specialist information management at the North Holland Archives. I spend a good part of my free time working at Open Nederland or Creative Commons Nederland.


Work experience

A complete overview of my professional life can be found on LinkedIn.

North Holland Archives (2019 -)

I work as a Specialist Information Management at the North Holland Archives (NHA). The NHA holds the archives of 20 regional, provincial and national institutes and is one of the largests of the Netherlands. I advise on technical information management challenges as well as policies on publishing information, knowledge and culture from the archives.

IP2 (2018 -)

I work as a freelancer under the name of IP Squared. IP2 is a consultancy firm where I combine my skills as an Information Professional with my training as Intellectual Property lawyer.

Overview of some of my projects:

  • Advisor to the Luxembourg Competency network on Digital Heritage
  • Researcher for the National Swedish Heritage Board
  • Researcher for the Province of Gelderland, the Netherlands
  • Advisor to the special collections of the University Library of Leiden
  • Copyright Coordinator at KVAN/BRAIN

Open Nederland (2018 -)

I founded an association (vereniging) called Open Nederland (Open Netherlands) to support the work of Creative Commons in the Netherlands. I am the chair of the association.

Creative Commons (2009 -)

I’ve been actively working on Creative Commons in the Netherlands since 2009. Until June 2018 this was part of my work at Kennisland. Leaving Kennisland coincided with a global reorganisation, leading to the forming of a Dutch Chapter for Creative Commons.

  • Chapter lead (2018 -)
  • Legal advisor (2011 -)
  • Project lead (2012 – 2018)
  • Project member (2009 – 2012)

Kennisland (2009 – 2018)

Projects below were part of my job as advisor copyright and technology  @ Kennisland.